Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Headline: McDonalds taking over the world

This blog is going to add some variety to my collection of posts. Variety is good. The quote was from "Funny Quotes of the Day (Brainy Quote)" thanks to Charles Kuralt. I might as well just the put the quote out there for y'all so you can understand what I'll talk about later on.

"You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars."

Hahaha! First off, the country in the joke is our country, America. Second off, there ARE a lot of burger joints. When I first moved here from Bulgaria, one of the first things I noticed straight off the bat was all the fast-food places available everywhere. Seriously, no joke! In Bulgaria, they had Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds and other, local restaurants. They were actually expensive for people, so not many people would visit them, so not many people got addicted and fat. But, looking at America and its inhabitans, it was like not technology but fast food was taking over the world. Maybe it is. The ceaseless multiplying of fast food restaurants does not exactly help the factor of obesity in this country. I did some research and America has one of the top, if not the top, level of obesity in the world. I know that a lot of other factors are included, but it gets you thinking with all the different fast food restaurants. What is your view on fast food restaurants? Do you visit them often, do you enjoy them? Do you really think they "control" our country? Why or why not?


John.P said...

man fast food is hella bomb, but it is starting to get insane how many fast food places are springing up accross america, I mean there are probobly about 5 all within a mile of arapahoe

Sean H. said...

There are to many fast food restraunts in America today. I do visit them when I don't have time to go to a sit down restraunt. Their food is o.k. but is nothing compared to a good home made meal. They are the reason for the fat in America today because their food is almost always deep fried or covered in grease or other harmful chemicals. We should limit the amount of these fast food restrauts because it is nice to have food when you don't have time to cook for yourself but oon teh other side it should be limited to lower the fat consumption.

bryanb said...

Dude i dont know what i would do without fast food, i mean its cheap, good, quick, and ya. The dollar menue is fricken sick. Ya dude fast food places are fefinetly everywhere now and i think its sick. im not addicted or anything but it really help me so i dont have to spend more than a dallor. good blog, funny quote!

Genna B. said...

I don't really agree with you, I think McDonald's, Burger King, and other burger place have little connection with the obesity level in America. The statistics the government gives out fail to say how many people are just genetically prone to being obese. There are alot of factors that aren't mentioned.

Nate R. said...

i agree jear bear that people rely on fast food too much instead of making their own dinner. but people can also be athletic and in shape and still eat fast food.

bring different perspectives into this blog and your good.

john is gay
"hella bomb"
its hella tite stupid

Austin G. said...

What i think about fast food in America is that we eat to much of it and i think it is because it is very cheap to eat and people do not want to go to the store and make something health for them selves at home becasue it takes to much time and would rather go buy gross, cheap, unhealty food.

I would say that i hardly every go to fast food restaurants unless we are driving on vaction and it is on the way but other than that my paretns are always wanting us to eat at home and make it becasue there are so many bad things in food at fast food restaurants becasue of how they pre cook it and then freeze it.

Brandon.F said...

I think fast food places are good but not good enouph for the price of getting un healthy and fat. Like I will go to one when im out sk8ing and get hungry and nothing near by so me and the guys will sk8 up to mckede's or BK or something to catch some food. But I go to a fst food resturant about once a month i would say. If even that.

Rachael S said...

We all know what fast food does to us, but why do we still go out and eat it? I think that everyone who eats fast food, is always wanting more because the greasyness makes it juicy and the juicyness makes it "tast good" so many people think that these are so good we should eat more. Also if someone need to make a quick and easy meal they run out for pizza or run to a fast food place, plus the cost is usually much less.

Hillary E said...

This is really true I go up to Canada to live with/visit my grand parents over the summer and in most parts there are not as many fast food restaurants there as there are here, and I’ve noticed in the cities with less fast food places there are less overweight people. But there are also cities in Canada with quite a few fast food restaurants and those cities did have more over weight people (a lot more then I’ve ever seen in Colorado).America is overweight but I also think other factors contribute to the problem as well, like the fact that recess and P.E are being cut from kids play time for more academic time, and fun active games like tag have been banned from school because of over protective parents. So the youth of America isn’t learning proper physical education, and there’s also bad genes but I don’t think that those are too big a part of the problem.

But seriously Jeremy you have to admit Colorado isn’t as bad as bad as you make it sound (I think it’s the high altitude if your to heavy here you cant breath ^-^ , jk) and I’ve also been to New York and San Francisco and those cites aren’t fat at all so I think location in America is another part of it.