Thursday, November 8, 2007

You Can't Myspace at Work!

I just read a blog titled "Log Off and Get to Work," by Brad Stone of the New York Times. It talked about how business block blogging sites on the computers of their employees. It was polled that 44% of businesses block MySpace, while only 26% block Facebook. The first issue that came to my head was trust and the lack of in this situation. It's conceivable that a parent would block certain sites from their children, just to protect them, but what is this?! Do workers actually log into MySpace and go chat with their friends, during work hours? If they do, that is what I call either too much time, or not handling your time wisely. I do sports and I keep a very tight schedule. This week it has been basketball tryouts, every day from 5-7:30 PM. I come home from school, exhausted from that. I sleep, because I am so tired. I wake up, go to basketball, work my butt off, come home and eat a humongous dinner. Then I start my homework at around 9:00 PM. Right now I am blogging at 10:36 PM. Not too bad. But I do not have time to fool around on Facebook, or check my email. I save that for the weekends. Is the internet distracting people from their work, not letting them get it done? I know people go home, don't do their homework, and just play video games all day long. What has happened to hard-work and studiousness? And, while I am asking questions, might as well ask what has happened to trust and reliability between co-workers? Are technology and the new distractions of this generation causing people not to focus on their work, or work hard at all? Because of this, people's trust for one another, at work particularly, is being lost. Trust has left them so far behind, that bosses have to block, of all things, blogging websites, such as MySpace and Facebook! How ridiculous is that? I think the internet has taken away people's devotion to working hard, liability and trust. If that is happening now, when the internet is fairly new, what could it do to us in the next 20 years? I know people say technology is taking over the world. Technology is actually taking over the world, by taking over our morals. Trust. Gone.

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