Saturday, October 13, 2007

Video Games Becoming as Realistic as Life!

An article that really caught my attention was “Video Games: the Next Generation,” written by reporter Marc Cieslak. This article discusses the topic of the next gen games. They had pictures up on the article page that just blew me away; the graphics on video games are getting to the point of insane. I mean incredible. The article talked about the differences between new video games, such as Halo 3, and next generation video games, such as Assassin’s Creed. The latter game allows you to interact with almost everything in the game. I hate it when I play video games, and they are, well, fake. Like, when I try to enter a building and the door doesn’t open, because you can’t enter the building. Insufficient. The other thing that bothers me a lot is when I am running, like in a war game, and I go right through my enemy; I don’t bump into a person, I just walk right through them as if they were a phantom. In Assassin’s Creed you can interact with every part of three different cities and walk into doors, climb walls and the layout is basically 3D, or real. Also in the game when you run into somebody, you recoil and fall down, while when you run into a small lady going full-speed, you stay up while she falls down. So the way they made the game is just real. But the article doesn’t focus around the game; it focuses on video games in general. “So you've seen in fighting games where boxers are up close, you get more detail on the facial animation. Or in car racing games it looks exactly like the car, and you get more shiny cars and the environments are more realistic. But for me personally, next gen game had to mean new types of gameplay."

Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond says that amazing games just have good graphics and more detail, while new generation games mean they have new types of gameplay, new ideas, and new boundaries. An example is the computerized players in Assassin’s Creed. Mr. Pontbriand states that "For NPCs we have hundreds and hundreds of different looking characters that were the templates we used to create our initial models. But then we created our own technology to take those templates, cut them down into pieces and then, with the technology, added the ability to randomise between skin colour, clothes, hair colour.” Most games out have computer players, who you can fight against but they all look the same. This game has sketched tons of different types of computer players, and made it able to randomize them with different skin color, clothes, hair color and style creating thousands of different players. I think that is amazing! The things technological groups can do these days to make video games and programs just amaze me. I have always wondered, what do you think games will look like in 30 years? Have you seen the progression from Super Mario to Halo 3? Can you notice a difference in graphics between those two games? I hope so. Movies have also changed. John Wayne to Transformers. It surpasses my knowledge compatibility of how people can create these things. Talent and time. The producers of Assassin’s Creed have been working on that single video game for over 4 years now. I can not wait to see what the game is like and maybe actually play it. A next generation video game. Hope it’s worth all that production time.

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