Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's a good time to be a Rockie's fan!

The team that has made it to the play-offs once and were knocked out the first round have regrouped, improved and are going to win the World Series this year. I just finished reading the article in the Rocky Mountain News entitled "Rockies Tickets Available...For a Steep Price." I can relate to this article so much that I will be quoting it a lot. I have loved the Rockies since forever. My friends were all Yankees fans and Cardinals fans- the big dog teams, but I stuck with my Colorado homies, your very own Colorado Rockies. My friends would always joke, “the Rockies might actually get a winning average this year,” or “if the Rockies make the play-offs then I will shave my head.” Well, it finally happened. I was at the game verse the Padres, and when the Rockies won in the 13th inning, the crowd went crazy. It was so loud for, well, forever. Even on the way home in the train people were still chanting “Let’s go Rockies!” It had been an intense game, but they pulled threw and came back in the last inning and won it. Now they are dominating the Phillies, and will hopefully sweep them. “The hottest ticket in town this weekend gets you a coveted seat to watch the Colorado Rockies, long considered the ugly stepchild of the Denver sports scene.” That quote from the article shows that the Rockies have definitely not been the pride of Colorado in the past, but this year they are. On Sunday, the matchup with the Phillies at home is going to be phenomenal. Even though that is the same day the Broncos play a decisive game against who cares anyways because the Rockies are playing. I am going to the game on Saturday and it’s going to be an unforgettable experience. “We're talking $60-plus for Rock pile tickets — double face value — and up to $1,200 for the best seats in the house.” The Rockies tickets are being sold for a lot of money! I relate to that quote very closely because whenever my dad and I go we sit in the rock pile. Why? Because tickets are 4$ a person. Can it get any better? (No!) But now they’re going for 60$ a pop. All I could say was, wow. A lot of people have been jealous when I boasted to them my excursion to the game this upcoming Saturday. I am extremely looking forward to it. This game matters a lot! All of Colorado is watching the Rockies with renewed hope and excitement. It’s going to be one heck of a series. Even people who can’t afford tickets or can’t get them are still going downtown to watch it in the local pub or bar. "My husband and I are huge Rockies fans, so we're just disgusted that people are charging too much. We decided to just go to a bar downtown and watch the game." Go Rockies!!!

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Tank said...

I lived in Colorado for 8 years, labouriously cheering on the Rockies to no avail. Now that I've moved to the east coast, they're in the post-season. I enjoyed reading your account of the excitement in Denver. Thanks!