Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8.5 Million People. 90 Minutes.

8.5 million People in 90 minutes, no wonder the server crashed! This blog is on an article from the Rocky Mountain News entitled "Roxtra!, October 23."The Rockies are in the World Series, and everyone wants tickets to go watch them play. So how do they get the tickets? Some idiot put together a system where people could go online and buy them after a certain time. This person must have thought that people would patiently line up and purchase the tickets online peacefully and in an orderly fashion. Didn't work! 90 minutes after people were permitted to go onto the Rockies’ website to buy tickets, a grand total of 8.5 million people tried to gain access to the online tickets. The server, obviously not being able to hold that many people, crashed. This is all after Matthew Gould, vice president of corporate communications, MLB.com stated that, "Obviously, this is not a first-time thing for us. (Online) traffic is not an issue." Whatever. I think this idea was unique but not thought-threw. They must have known an insane amount of people would want to buy Rockies’ tickets. It made me really mad because at home my dad (got’ a love it) had our three laptops out and was trying to get in on all three of them. But it didn't work, and now games 3, 4, and 5 are sold out! I personally don't mind watching the games from my couch, but my dad and brother really wanted to go. One of those 50 things to do before you die, y'know?! It just blows me away that 8.5 million different people/computers tried to get on the website in the first hour and a half. What a bandwagon. Or maybe they are all hard-core Rockies fans. Which side do you fall into: a jumper on the Rockies’ fan club band wagon, or a 10-year straight, hardcore diehard Rockies fan whose favorite player is still Larry Walker or Todd Helton? At the games, it's funny, whenever the people with the mikes going around and asking people who their favorite player is, the hot chicks and the younger crowd go with Tulowitzki or Holliday, while the older crowd is generally for Todd Helton. I guess when people just start liking the Rockies, they see that Matt Holliday or Troy Tulowitzki are hot (athletically doing well) and just add them to their top player list, while the old-timers and hardcore fans have liked Todd Helton because he has been on the team for 11 years! What a vet! He is my favorite player by far!!! Who are you for, Boston or Rockies?

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Matt A. said...

about your comment, i love sports too(i went to every home game the year that the avs won the stanley cup). Iam just saying that the people who start riots beacouse their favorite team wins takes their love way too far. They should cheer their team on and have fun, not destroy and hurt other people. it dosnt make any sense to me and proably not you, you would have shaved your head that shows that you love the sport and team nad that is a way to show that love without hurting anyone.