Monday, October 22, 2007

Rollerblades, Starbucks and Wild Hogs

I'll be honest. It is monday, the begining of a long week (I have gotten used to PLCs and days off that a full week seems like a lot) of school. I am not looking forward to the late nights of studying and the early mornings of waking up. I was browsing the Education articles under the 2¢ Worth and saw one that did not have to do with the K12 conference or the Did You Know powerpoint. So I clicked on it and figured, ah, it will work. The article, "Way Stupid,"by Mr. Warlick about him buying a pair of rollerskates the day he turned 40 thinking it would solve all of his mid-life crisis.
When I read this article, my first reaction was the picture. Isn't if hillarious?

Another connection I made while reading the article was a text-to-text connection with the movie Wild Hogs. The four old guys get out their motorcycles and pretend to be care-free college students, when they are married, middle-aged men. But they ride off and have fun and experience the "wild" and meet some adversity. But they are going through a mid-life crisis, kinda like Mr. Warlick was at age 40. The Wild Hogs got out their motorcycles and rode off, while Mr. Warlick bought his rollerblades and bladed off. Whenever I think of mid-life crisis I just laugh and think, wow, you must be old to have one of those. I will never know what it feels like until I am at that age. I always make fun of my dad for having his "mid-life crisis," (which he doesn't, but I tease around with him anyways). I think this story and Wild Hogs have a lot in common, personaly. I have already stated why. I chose this article because of two reasons" it had a decently catchy title that brought me in (like it was supposed to, dang, i fell for the bait) and because as soon as I read it the movie Wild Hogs popped into my head. I will say this is not my best blog yet, but hey-it works!

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