Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh's finally here!!!

Wow! It’s coming out tomorrow? Yes it is. I just read the article “Gamers gear up for Halo 3 launch” from the BBC World News. For those of you who don’t know Halo 3 is the third exclusively X-box game in a trilogy. Halo 1 and 2 have sold more than 15 million copies, but Microsoft hopes that the third game will sell the most. They have already spent 10 million dollars on advertising the release of Halo 3. When I read this I thought, wow, that is a LOT of money. They are spending so much money on advertising it, I hope it sells. "If we can't make a profit in the year Halo 3 comes out, then when will we?" said Mr. Kim. But it will. He continues to say that “Halo 3 has the chance of becoming one of the most special entertainment launches of the year.”

Releasing at midnight, thousands of people are lining up at the stores just to purchase their precious copy of that 60$ of lasting entertainment. I wouldn’t be surprised if kids skipped school the next day to stay home and play Halo 3. I enjoy playing video games but I am not obsessed over them. I, personally, have played Halo 2 and it is one of the most incredible fiction combat games out there. But, I think games and media and technology are becoming a huge part of our culture. They basically worship new games like Halo 3 on the front page (when Britney or Hilton aren’t being publicized) while on a little 8 font sidebar read the words “120 dead in Iraq,” or “Starvation and Plague in Nigeria.” But you see, no one cares about that, because it is far away happening somewhere in over in China or Asia, doesn’t matter. But, here you better believe it- the Halo 3 is coming out! People focus way on their own comfort and not on others. To them, Halo 3 is like number one in their life; go camp out for the weekend, then boom after 48 hours, I get to be the twentieth person to buy a Halo 3 from the store. Wow, big accomplishment! You need to look at the bigger picture in life. But then again, it is the 21st century…you never know what will happen next. Technology is taking over our world, and we are encouraging it.

The question is where you stand. Do you consider yourself helping technology take over your life or worrying about more important things?

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