Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Females in Suadi Arabia can not drive...

As I was scrolling down the page of the BBC World News list of recent blogs, one article grabbed my attention. "Saudi women challenge driving ban." At first I was like, what ban are these women challenging, and to my surprise, the ban actually bans women from driving. Women in Saudi Arabia, no matter what nationality, what job or how wealthy they are, absolutely ALL women are banned from driving. I was dismayed. Even the third-world country that I lived in for 14 years, Bulgaria, women are permitted to drive. I will admit, they are a bit crazier and stupider drivers than men are, but that's just Bulgaria.

Next, I though about how my dad is at work (well, Denver Seminary) all day, and my mom is the one that drives me and my five siblings everywhere. She takes my brothers and sister to practice, my older brother to cross-country competitions, and me to tennis practices and matches. If she weren't allowed to drive, it would make me and my family's life extremely more complicated. I still don’t understand how and why they would ban women from driving. This topic would have to be researched more to find out. It might be due to ethnic laws or customs, or just the government. Who knows? (If you do post your answer…haha). I guess kids must ride their bikes or walk everywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Post a few answer to some of the following questions concerning the blog. Why do you think they would not permit and ban women residing in Saudi Arabia from driving? Do you think that is alright, or unfair? Do you think it might go back all the way back to when women were considered lesser than men and therefore got lesser privileges?

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