Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3:10 To Yuma and John Wayne

This blog is about an article I read from the 2¢ Worth. Two Great Movies. It told about how Mr. Dave and Mrs. Brenda saw two extraordinary movies over the weekend. The first movie was 3:10 to Yuma. This caught my attention because I have really wanted and urged my dad to take me and my brother to go see this movie. I will probably wait until it comes out to rent, but I really want to see it. First off, it has a fairly decent cast with Russel Crowe and Christian Bale. I had recently seen the Prestige and thought Christian Bale was amazing in that. Another reason for me wanting to see this movie was because it was a western, cowboy shoot'em up movie. The preview (like they all do) made the movie look extremely action-packed and had potential. I grew up watching John Wayne with my family and I loved those. You don't get many cowboy movies being produced these days and not too many good ones if that. But this one looks like a winner.

The other movie was A Face in the Crowd. The only reason I'm writing about this movie is because it was in the article. I have never seen this movie and have no intent of doing so in the near future, but what caught my attention was the starring actor. Andy Griffith. I also, a few years back, borrowed the Andy Griffith show from some friends and watched right through it in one weekend. It was very entertaining; funny, somewhat adventurous and just good old-fashion acting. It was fun. You might have heard of the recent movie Waitress? Andy Griffith stars in that one (random piece of information).

Well, as I was scrolling down the page of 2¢ Worth on my Google Reader and the lists of article all I saw was Learning 2.0 and other articles that didn't interest me at all. When I saw this movie article I chose it on the second. Who knew, there is an article out there for everyone!

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